Slimline ProClean Dishwasher

Product Code: F78400ViOP

The ProClean™ system ensures extra-powerful cleaning even of the most crowded loads, thanks to the unique double-rotation arm combined with 5 spray levels.

Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Product Code: F34030ViO

This dishwasher has an intelligently selected range of programs, chosen to be of maximum use, so you can always find the program you need for perfect results.

Sensorlogic ProClean™ Dishwasher

Product Code: F55002ViOP

Fully integrated Sensorlogic ProClean™ Dishwasher with AutoOff function.

Freestanding ProClean™ Dishwasher

Product Code: F99009WOP

Freestanding Sensorlogic ProClean™ Dishwasher with LCD display.