Fridge Freezers

Integrated Under Counter Freezer

Product Code: AGN58200F0

Thanks to NoFrost – the best ice-free technology available – you can be sure of a high-performing freezer that never requires defrosting.

Integrated Under Counter Fridge

Product Code: SKS58200F0

Fully integrated under-counter larder fridge with A+ energy - uses 20% less energy than a standard A rated fridge.

1225mm In-Column Frost-Free Freezer

Product Code: AGN71200F0

In-column Frost Free freezer with A+ energy and electronic touch controls for precise temperature regulation.

1225mm In-Column Larder Fridge

Product Code: SKS71200F0

Pyroluxe®PLUS reduces all food residue to ash and thanks to new insulation allows to save 20% energy compared to the limit of energy class A.