Ceramic Hob with Rotary Controls

Product Code: HK614010MB

Efficient touch controls enable you to set the hob's heat level precisely, while its flat surface is easy to clean and integrates seamlessly with your work surfaces.

Crystalline Gas on Glass Wok Burner

Product Code: HC411520GB

The CrystalLine modular system provides you with the flexibility you need when designing your kitchen to ensure you can reach new culinary heights.

Crystalline Teppan Yaki

Product Code: HC452600EB

With this professional, purpose-designed teppan yaki hob, you can perfectly prepare authentic teppan yaki in your own home.

Crystalline Induction Wok

Product Code: HC451500EB

This induction hob module comes with a professional wok. Place the pan in the hob's central hollow to directly heat the wok's entire base for authentic results.